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About me

I had my first experience with UX and UI design 7 years ago as a project manager from the side of the project's client. During the project, I dealt with the discovery stage (research, insights, value proposition) and supported the develop stage (user flow, mock-ups, testing).

The project fascinated me so much that I decided to expand my knowledge and experience in this direction. First, I decided to do postgraduate studies in Product and brand management and at the same time I got involved in another project of implementing a mobile application to support the training process, of which I was the originator and co-executor. I also designed and implemented websites for webinars and training events. I decided to tie my professional future to UX/UI design, which is why in 2020 I decided to pursue another postgraduate studies in the field of UX design at SWPS in Poznań. Together with the project group, we have created a mobile application supporting people working remotely. The project covered the entire UX process. We defended our diploma thesis with a very good grade.

When designing, I am guided by usability and simplicity of solutions. It gives me satisfaction to create user-oriented and business-effective solutions at the same time. I am proactive and hardworking, I think analytically and I learn new things quickly. I can cope with demanding tasks and work under time pressure.


Training Projects Department Manager

Integra Consulting Poland

Sep 2008                         Current

Project Manager | Graphic designer

Vangart | creative studio

Apr 2016                Current



User Experience Design

SWPS University - postgraduate studies

2020 - 2021

Product & Brand Management

Collegium Da Vinci - postgraduate studies

2016 - 2017

Graphic design

WSNHiD - postgraduate studies

2011 - 2012

Cultural studies

AMU - master's degree studies

2008 - 2010

Privately - I love traveling, getting to know other cultures and flavors of the world. I am a lover of strong sensations behind the wheel, but I also love exploring forest nooks and crannies on horseback. I like experimenting in my own kitchen, as well as looking for interesting culinary experiences outside the home.

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