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BizQuiz - a mobile application supporting the consolidation of knowledge acquired during training. Self-training of business competences.



Project type

Project scope

Integra Consulting Poland

September 2016

UX / UI design

mobile application


Discovery / Research methods

5 interviews

Individualof deep structured fields with employeesand HR departments and with training participants.

desk research

In the area of gamification solutions.

Analysis of market solutions

Analysis of trends and solutions already available on the market that respond to similar problems / have a similar value proposition.

Usability tests

Testing screens and application flow for usability and bug detection.

IDI - our research questions:

  • With which problemEmployees of HR departments struggle with challenges and challenges in verifying the knowledge acquired by training participants?

  • With which problemParticipants of the trainings face challenges and challenges in assimilating the knowledge acquired during the training?

  • How does the way of learning affect the acquisition of knowledge? Preferred ways of learning.

  • Evaluation of post-training knowledge - how to enable the acquisition of training knowledge outside the training room?

Discovery / Insights from research

Employees of personnel departments responsible for training results haveproblem with verification of post-training knowledgefor participants delegated to training.

There are no attractive and engaging solutionssupporting the training process outside the training room.

Participantsthey do not have timeor are reluctant to devote private time toviewing notes and printed materialstraining.

Training participants needpersonalized solutionstailored to the unique mode of the day and time possibilities.

Who did we design for?



How might we?

How can we help Agnieszka in increasing the effectiveness of training and engaging employees in development by making it easier for them to reach the right knowledge.

Value proposition

Support in the systematic consolidation of knowledge.

Increased employee involvement in development.

Analysis of market solutions

Market Observation Conclusions 

We noticed that in the marketthere are no solutions to develop business skills. We found entertainment apps that offered knowledge quizzes in various fields, but none of them offered business topics or allowed the creation of quizzes with personalized content.

Bizquiz gives you a new value proposition, combining the possibility of developing business knowledge in a very attractive and pleasant way - solving quick quizzes, available everywhere and at any time.


BizQuiz is a mobile application supporting the training process. Enablesconsolidating the training material by solving quizzesthematically adapted to a specific training group. 

Usage scenarios

I use the application before the next training

I enter the access code assigned to my training group.

I take basic level quizzes about the previous training to revise the material.

I see the effects. It is easier to actively participate in the training when my knowledge is up to date.

I want to be more involved in the training process.

I achieve better results at work.

I systematically solve quizzes to develop myself

I enter the access code assigned to my training group.

I solve quizzes at the basic level and additional ones with extended topics.

I expand my knowledge in a pleasant way.

I can see the effects of regular use of the application.

Prototype / main screens

Usability test results

We conducted a usability study with 3 people. We tested the prototype created in InVision by asking respondents to complete the following tasks:

  • Log in to the app with your passcode

  • Go to the quiz and complete it

  • Try to improve your score

  • Answer the question: What do you think about the tested solution, is it valuable to you?

Conclusions from the prototype tests + planned improvements 

  • The concept of the application and the value proposition is understandable and very positively received by the respondents.

  • Increasing the clickability of areas (users did not click directly on the arrow, but also on the text next to it to move on).

  • Enlarging the feedback section  ("It's great that I can see not only the correct answer, but also the explanation").

  • Improved the number of questions in the database. The respondents pointed out that the questions in subsequent attempts to the quiz are often repeated, so the game gets boring quickly, while the quality of the questions is at a very high level.

Next steps - ideas and plans for further development of the service

Product extensionto an application personalized for a specific client (application branding, enabling the client to create content).

Extension of the content providedo content produced in cooperation with influencers
and authorities from the training and consulting industry.

Scaling the serviceinto other languages and cooperation with more trainers also from other countries.

Expansion of the service with new functionalities(introduction of team gamification, receiving bonuses, badges, titles, access to content at the expert level).

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